UN01034 Oil Filling Hopper

Engine Series

Topping-up funnel made of strong plastic with bayonet fitting for the easy,  

clean topping-up of engine oil.
Capacity approx. 1 liter
The funnel with the matching connector adapter is mounted in place of the sealing cap on the
oil filter cap on the valve.
To prevent unintended dripping oil on the cylinder head, cylinder block,
intake manifold / exhaust manifold, etc… 
Universal for example MB, for examples Sprinter 2,71,MB-models with M112/113 Motor,
BMW for example 6 and 8 cylinder from 1996, Audi and Volkswagen for example 1.8L T,
9L TDI, 20L T, 2.81 30C, 3.0L 20V, 3.2L, 3.6L and 4.2L 40V Dodge,
Toyota with renk sealing oil cap. 
Oil Filter hopper. Mod. Uni complete
Threaded adapter size 1    M37 x 3.0
Type: Lexus, Toyota
Threaded adapter size 2    M42 x 4.5
Type: Subaru
Threaded adapter size 3    M32 x 3.5
Type: Honda, Nissan
Threaded adapter size 4    M35 x 4.0
Type: Mazda
Extension angle connector
Type: for example Volkswagen Sharan, Ford Galaxy, Seat Alhambra